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Goals and achievements of the Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra.


Since the relaunch concert (June 2017) of the SPO and in that time we have grown rapidly. We have received encouragement and support from the wider public and continued to extend and reach out to the people of Vietnam. This is our greatest achievement and has been our ultimate goal, to become an Orchestra for both the citizens of Saigon, for visitors and also other local and foreign residents. We are committed to developing this wonderful cultural activity in order to establish Saigon as a regional center of performing excellence. In addition, we wish to create the opportunity to welcome international artists, soloists, and conductors so that they bring their skills and talents to the SPO to showcase in our community. This is a perfect opportunity for them to share their experience, knowledge, and skills with local musicians, students, and music lovers.

We are ambitious and would like to build the Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra into one of the symbols of culture for Saigon, and clearly demonstrate to our future sponsors that we are indeed a center for performing and cultural excellence, and an acclaimed organization with which they will be proud and happy to sponsor and a recognized name they wish to be associated. We envisage that the title and reputation of Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra will be of corporate value and relevance within this geographical, cultural, and economic area. Saigon is as culturally, economically, and historically relevant as other cities in the region namely: Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., and with these examples, we wish to develop the orchestra into a proud member of this internationally renowned group of orchestras.  We have in place a group of devoted individuals who are committed to the achievement of this goal, and with their care management and guidance, this aim will be achieved.

When considering individual music students, the SPO also plays a vital role in developing the next generation of musicians by guiding these students from a very early age; nurturing them in both the cultural and professional surroundings of a functioning orchestra. By acting as a role model we are able to demonstrate the correct professional attitudes and direct them towards a career in music, and in addition, provide them with a world-class musical education. Nothing is more effective than practical activity and experience when teaching music and to be immersed in the environment of a functioning orchestra superbly achieves these learning outcomes. There is no better way to facilitate this teaching than tutoring with no boundaries and no limitations to sharing both onstage and offstage experiences. Performing Arts are the ultimate goal of most music students and we are perfectly placed to provide this, it is, in fact, our unique specialty. 


With the youth from our society, we wish to bring music into their lives and engage them by allowing them to experience live and exhilarating music, and also by involving them with our regular activities. We envisage outreach activities with smaller ensembles of our musicians traveling off-site to schools, museums, etc. and also allowing groups of younger adults access to the orchestra venue to experience performances, either way, this will benefit and inspire our future generations of children.  They will be our future supporters, players, audiences, and hopefully our future sponsors!


The SPO’s professional team, are made up of local and international artists. With their talent and experience, they will be capable of connecting with the world’s finest musicians and invite them to contribute to the high standard of performances in Saigon and Vietnam.

The beauty and benefit of this plan is we are all part of a team, benefiting every part of our society. We are confident that SPO will remain a sustainable and independent venture with both the professional and performance excellence it has so far clearly demonstrated.

Our first aim is to promote classical music to the highest level possible and then to become part of the life and culture of the wonderful city of Saigon. To be able to build this beacon of excellence we need people with passion, commitment, and vision to join the SPO. The more people who join and the quicker they do so will make the dream of the SPO became a reality.

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