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Goals and achievements of the Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra

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Saigon Philamonic Orchestra

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The Creation of Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

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" We are ambitious and would like to build the Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra into one of the symbols of culture for Saigon, and clearly demonstrate to our future sponsors that we are indeed a center for performing and cultural excellence, and an acclaimed organization with which they will be proud and happy to sponsor and a recognized name they wish to be associated. We envisage that the title and reputation of Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra will be of corporate value and relevance within this geographical, cultural, and economic area. Saigon is as culturally, economically, and historically relevant as other cities in the region namely: Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., and with these examples, we wish to develop the orchestra into a proud member of this internationally renowned group of orchestras.  We have in place a group of devoted individuals who are committed to the achievement of this goal, and with their care management and guidance, this aim will be achieved."