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Pianist, Composer 


Director, Orchestra operation and outreach program producer


Creation of Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO)


 From 2019 season Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra ambitiously chose to invest in training young musicians, allowing our most talented students to work and perform side by side with their teachers and professional locals, creating a platform for international orchestra musicians to come to Vietnam and share their experiences through work and performances.


We believed only by doing so with SPYO, would create opportunities for our young professional musicians to archive new standards of orchestra skills, as well as discover new talent from HCM Conservatory of Music and other music institutions in the country. Sincere gratitude to our new partner Amberstone Media, together, we share the vision of the future. The passion of giving! We had chosen a longer path with lots of fun, creativity, and hard work. Together we will build the organization to reach the ultimate goal as the Orchestra of Saigon, a symbol of our great City. 


We are very fortunate to have with us many dedicated, big-hearted professionals from SPO. Start with a humble beginning but as the passion escalates, we will need everyone in the community to support, audiences, the business sector…...etc! Succeeding will be without any doubt we are making history build Saigon in a new level of Arts and Culture!

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