• Hoang Ngoc Long, Deputy Director, HCMC Conservatory of Music

    Currently, HCM City Conservatory is training nearly 2,000 students from vocational to Ph.D. levels in European classical and national ethnic music subjects. European classical music subjects, especially those of symphonic instruments are facing more difficulties in every aspect, from student admissions to education meeting international standards due to inadequate conditions for teaching and learning. The greatest difficulties are the shortage of qualified teachers, lack of orchestra conductors, leading artists rich in performance experience... Even more so, teachers and students of the conservatory lack the opportunity to learn, exchange, and train overseas. In the trend of rapid world integration today, the Conservatory is short of the financial ability to support teachers’ study to improve their skill as well as student’s access to the rich knowledge resources of the world.

    Due to these practical difficulties and direction for 2020-2025, we very much appreciate and welcome the support and cooperation from arts institutions, culture and education funds and enterprises so that generations of performing artists of HCM City have more opportunities to promptly integrate into the music industry regionally and internationally.

    We look forward to receiving assistance under the following categories:

    1. Funding for education and arts performing to serve different classes of audience.

    2. Sending artists from overseas to work long-term in HCM City.

    3. Opportunities to perform, exchange, and train overseas.


    The support for classical music will not only bring huge cultural and spiritual benefits to the community but also define the high class of the sponsors. Once again, we would like to deeply thank you for the concern and sympathy for HCM City Conservatory. Hopefully, we can together contribute to a better future of the country in general and the music industry in particular.

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